Giver Fingers A Break, Test Anywhere!

Allows those with diabetes to check blood sugar anywhere on the body.

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Test Blood Glucose Without Pain!

Get the perfect drop of blood without pain, using vacuum and depth control.

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How Genteel Works

Using vacuum and depth control, you can retrieve the perfect drop for blood sugar checks. Genteel restricts the lancet from hitting pain nerves. A blood drop is then brought to the surface, with vacuum (like a straw), to use in your test meter.


Test Without Pain

Get a blood drop from your fingertips without the hurtful prick

Check Body Anywhere

Use alternate sites that suit your testing needs and give fingers a chance to heal

Never Squeeze Again

Vacuum pulls blood to the surface without the need to squeeze after sticking

"It just felt like someone tapping you"

-Michelle Lord, Ph.D.
I've been wanting to try out this lancing device from MyGenteel for so long now! I hope this is useful for those of you interested.

"No pain. No squeezing"

-Laura @yourejustmytype1
Laura From You're Just My Type (Instagram/Facebook Account) Reviews Genteel. No Pain & No Squeezing. 

Reviews From Customers

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying In Australia, New Zealand & Worldwide

"I love my Genteel. I was a little skeptical at first. Because the reviews seemed too good to be true. But sure enough it arrived and it’s fantastic! I use it on my arm or my palm at the base of my thumb and no pain. It comes with gorgeous stickers; which is great for kids or big kids at heart like me (mine is covered in unicorns, stars and dinosaurs!)"

"I’ve been using the Genteel for around 3yrs, best decision I ever made as my fingers were really suffering after many years of finger pricks (28yrs at the time). I use in my forearm and find I don’t avoid testing as I know it’s not going to cause me pain like it used to in my fingers!ūüėć"

"I'm a pretty bad diabetic, all my friends know it! I was not testing because of the discomfort from the finger pricks. As a result my levels got out of control. I now use Genteel and look forward to my daily test with No Pain or Any Discomfort! I also now test on my palm. I even talked a friend into buying one. If you're sitting on the fence, it's worth every dollar!"

My little dog was diagnosed with diabetes a month ago. I have struggled with checking his levels twice a day, that was until I received this amazing device. The Genteel allows me to check his levels multiple times a day with out causing my little dog pain or stress. I have even tried it on myself and was amazed that it was completely pain free. I highly recommend this product!

Love my Genteel! After having diabetes for 36 years my fingers have had enough of painful Fingerpricks! The genteel lancing device is virtually painless and it's so great to use other sites to give my fingers a rest!

OMGGGGGGG!!! I just got our Genteel in the mail today and decided to play with it before kiddo comes home from school. Guys, this thing is SERIOUSLY awesome. I pricked myself in my palm first. No pain. Okay, arm. Didn't feel it. Inner wrist. Ya know, that tickle spot that is super duper sensitive?? Not even a tiny bit uncomfortable!!!! This is HUGE.

Give fingers a break

Eliminate severe puncture marks, swelling, bruising and sensitivity using vacuum and depth control and start using the palm (which matches fingertip readings!)

No More Squeezing

With it’s vacuum, Genteel brings blood to the surface and forms the perfect drop anywhere on the body. Squeezing is a thing of the past.

Reduce lancet impact

Typical lancing devices slice into the skin instead of using a precise vertical direction. By using a precise motion and controlling how far the lancet goes into your skin, you can start testing with less pain.

Which Lancets Can I Use?

Genteel works with most square-shaft lancets (like One Touch UltraSoft, Bayer Microlet and others). We recommend our Genteel Butterfly Touch Lancets and a small sample pack is included with every Genteel. Order one or more boxes of Butterfly Touch lancets together with your Genteel device and they will be included at no extra shipping cost.

Diabetes Technology Price Comparison

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"I didn't feel that, what the heck!"

- Laina Elyse, YouTuber
Genteel Lancing Device Review  & First Impressions!

"Old pricker Called HURTeel"

-Kaitlin & Mom
Newly diagnosed Type 1 Kaitlin checks her blood sugar as often as she can with Genteel without hurting her fingers.

What People Think Of Genteel

Honestly, I am amazed with this product!! I wish I knew about it sooner. It’s completely painless and leaves no bruises ūü•į My fingers are much happier now, so thank you Genteel"

"Loving Genteel ūüėć When I’m hanging at home I use my legs to check my BG... I’ve used my arm and my palm. Like I’ve always said I hate finger pricks! So grateful for this one."

“Super grateful to Genteel for saving my finger tips one painless palm (and arm) prick at a time during my mini Dexcom vacation this week!"

“I’ve permanently changed my lancing device to the Genteel! I love it and it is pretty painless compared to my old poker. Though I don’t check my blood sugar manually as often anymore (thanks to the Dexcom G6), I always carry a blood glucometer, test strips, and a lancing device with me everywhere I go."

Over 10,000 people with diabetes worldwide use Genteel.

Genteel Works or Your Money Back!

1 Year Warranty + 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Choose from 8 vibrant colors:
Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, White, Silver, Platinum and Gold

Express Shipping within Australia & New Zealand

We deliver to Australia & New Zealand through Australia Express Post parcel delivery services. Next day service is available to most cities except Darwin & Perth.

30 day money back guarantee

Every Genteel lancing device is covered by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You’re making a good investment: less than 1% of Genteel customers send it back.

Personalized customer service

Speak to our Australia-based customer service agents who can give you troubleshooting guidance and answer any questions you have.

Use your own test meter & strips

Keep using your existing blood glucose meter and test strips. Genteel works with many square-shaft lancets commonly available, and all test strips and meters.

Diabetes Strong Review

If you live with diabetes, you probably test your blood sugar regularly. Testing your blood sugar is an important but when you do it a lot, it can become painful and lead to calluses on the fingertips. 

Mastering Diabetes Review

Genteel lancing device is a brilliant invention. The Genteel lancing instrument is a wonderful tool that can make your life with diabetes much less painful!

Check blood sugar as prescribed

Without having the discomfort of lancing multiple times a day, you can start checking your blood sugar as often as you should.

Waste Less Test Strips

Get enough blood no matter how thirsty your meter is. The vacuum brings the perfect drop of blood for the surface.

By choosing a deeper Contact Tip and/or holding the Activation Button down longer, you can also get more blood if needed.

Choose your test location

You can start testing anywhere on the body. Each Genteel comes with 2 Nozzles which enable you to configure multiple locations to test on. 

  • Make testing personalized

    Great for adults and kids alike, the sticker sheet comes with letters, action figures, and full wraps so you can customize your Genteel and have fun with testing blood sugar.

  • Decorative stickers included!

    Great for adults and kids alike, the sticker sheet comes with letters, action figures, and full wraps so you can customize your Genteel and have fun with testing blood sugar.

  • Letters, action figures, and wraps!

    Great for adults and kids alike, the sticker sheet comes with letters, action figures, and full wraps so you can customize your Genteel and have fun with testing blood sugar.

  • Over a 100 stickers to choose from!

    Great for adults and kids alike, the sticker sheet comes with letters, action figures, and full wraps so you can customize your Genteel and have fun with testing blood sugar.

For all ages and types

From kids to seniors, Genteel works for anyone looking to get a blood drop without pain.

About Genteel South Pacific

Within Australia and New Zealand, Genteel is supplied by Genteel South Pacific Pty Ltd. We are a registered Australian business (ABN: 91 626 007 038) and have local offices in both Melbourne, Victoria and Brisbane, Queensland. Our registered address is: 118 Railway Ave, Ringwood East, Melbourne, Victoria, 3135.

You can contact our local support team via e-mail or phone using the link below.
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